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SA16 Ice Bucket

Product name:SA16 Jockey Box
Material:Rotomolded polyethylene LLDPE
Process: disposable rotational molding process
Cold holding temperature: -20℃ ~ +8℃
Cold storage time: over 60-80 hours



Product use: insulation, refrigerationc; keep fresh for fish, sea food,
meat, beverage;cold chain transportation.



Product Description
Product Description

16 Liter
5.30 kg
Outer Size
41*36.3*41 cm
Inner Size
24.9*24.9*32.9 cm
Company Profile
Company Brief  introduction
Aohong Industry Co.,Ltd.situates in guangdong Province ,China.Founded in 2010,Aohong industry Co.,Ltd.specializes in rotational molding technology.We manufacture a wide range of plastic products such as coolers,tool box,storage locker,pallet,tray,container,and other specially customized products.Our products have been sold in the wide Chinese market.We also export to Australia,New Zealand,USA,Brazil,Chile,Papua New Guinea and South Africa.Our quality products and excellent services are widely recognized and appreciated by our customers in China and abroad.
We are leader in the most advanced rotational molding technology. Our factory uses imported top quality PE raw materials. Our products have the highest structural strength, shock resistance, anti-beat ability and perfect airtightness. They are also water, rust and corrosion proof and can be used under the toughest conditions. The anti-UV features ensure that our products have a much longer lifespan than other products on the market.Our products are light weighted and can be moved with ease. Our products are available in multiple colors to cater for the needs of our customers. They are widely used by the army, private and public institutions, schools, mining companies, hotels, hospitals, transportation companies, sport venues, outdoor and recreational centers, and others.

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* Providing technical support, to make your great ideas a reality
* Helping clients to design and develop their own personalized great products.
* Reliable and steady quality to help you stand out from your competitors
* 100% responsible for our products,delivery is guaranteed
* Active feedback will be offered by professional employees within 24 hours
We are ordinary people with extraordinary ideals and ambitions. All Aohongers are striving with integrity,enthusiasm, diligence, honesty and competence. We are passionate about being the best at what we do. We are proud of being the best to provide the top quality products and services to our customers.
We will continue to lead the industry with the most advanced technology, our passion, our youthful spirit,idealism and our firm belief. We will constantly advance ourselves. our products and our services. We hope our friends and more and more like-minded people all over the world would join our endeavors and continually help,understand,trust and support for us to be the best we can.
We are warmly welcome you to visit our factory for business discussion, and we are confident that we could creat a win-win market by hand in hand.
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