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AHIC 90L Food Transport Containers
Model: AH 90L Food Transport Containers
Dimension: 642×445×635 mm
Volume: 90 L
Weight: 13.6 kg
Load Capacity: 80 KG
Insulating Layer: PU
Product Description


Common Uses

● Offshore fishing
●  Hunting bigger game
●  Extended camping trips
●  The ultimate party cooler
●  Back up refrigerator

1. Apply to preserve hot or cold food. It is filled with thick PU insulating material.
2. The ideal choice for carrying a load of food. The mutual-lock design ensures the safety in storage and transport.
3. The front door design makes it convenient to pick and place dinner plates.
4. Different shades of 1/2 inch international standard plates. And it meets the transport requirements of HACCP for the 1/2 and 1/3 inch plates.
5. The unique bottom design ensures the transport stability.
6. Made of imported food-grade PE material. It is non-toxic and easy to clean.

We adopt one-time rotational molding and insulation technology to and develop a new generation of cooler. The new item not only has good heat insulation, but is sturdy and easy to clean. It is very suitable to preserve food and aquatic products. The two handles at each side make it easy to carry and stack up. Even one person can carry it, so the terminal delivery is very convenient.

Premium Features


Common Uses

Keeps Ice up to 5 Days   Like a portable freezer
Bear Resistant Designed to keep bears out
Up to 3" Insulated Walls  Commercial grade insulating foam
Heavy Duty Rubber T-Latches  Smooth trouble-free closure
Integrated Locking System  Keep your contents safe
Easy Lift Lid Handle   Allows quick & easy access
Rapid V-Drain System  Allows quick draining

Our coolers lock in the cold with a high quality freezer gasket that completely circles the full length of the lid locking in the cold. It's like a portable freezer. It keeps the cold air in and the warm air out. The seal is a very important part of the cooler as it helps keep the cooler colder longer.
The gasket measures a 6mm wide and a 6mm thick and helps prevent leakage if the cooler were to turn over on its side.





56 cans

55 quarts

68 pounds of ice


Keeps Ice for Up to 5 Days

  Keeps Ice

It's like a portable freezer. The pressure-injected commercial grade polyurethane insulation keeps ice for up to 5 days. The closed-cell insulation foam stops air and moisture. This insulation, combined with a freezer grade gasket and durable solid construction gives AHIC coolers outstanding thermal properties.



Our lid T-latches are made from all-weather heavy-duty flexible silicone, making our latching system one of the most durable and secure on the market. Designed to interlock into the body of the cooler, AHIC coolers stay shut in the most extreme environments. 


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