All members of BH range are in position
Time: 2018-12-11
The biggest selling point of the AHIC brand of coolers is the fact that they will not break your bank account. AHIC promises to be not only one of the most affordable coolers, but also the most dependable. These coolers have double walled insulation to ensure that your beverages and snacks stay cold and fresh. In fact, it can keep contents fresh and cold for days at a time, even when exposed extreme heat. As an added bonus, the exterior is designed to never sweat.

After our AH, RH, DL, Camo series, We had our new range BH RANGE launched on 7th November. After more than 30days tooling development, now all members of BH family are in position ----  The BH 25/ BH 55/ BH 75. The new BH range will continues the features of AHIC coolers, and show you the more economical and reliable product.

Ever wondered why in the world one cooler, a Yeti for example, can command a price of $400 while a cooler of the same size but different brand may only cost $40? Before you go spending several hundreds of dollars on what you believe to be a top rated cooler, take some time and read our coolers, you will find it deserve.

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