AHIC RH series cooler boxes were impressed by our USA customers
Time: 2018-11-22

On Nov.8th,2018, AHIC warmly welcomed our customers Mr. Francis and Mr. Dean from USA to visit our factory for a business discussion. After a couple of days contact by emails, we finally met in the factory and have a whole day long meeting for discussing the coolers business. During the meeting, Mr. Francis and Mr. Dean have given their constructive suggestions on the hot sell designs for coolers. They specially pointed out they were impressed by our RH series ice box coolers by its thick heavy duty construction and precise technique. And they intent to order the popular sizes like RH25, RH45 and RH65.

AHIC are always open to different suggestions from our customers and improve it in our next great product. What customers need is what we need. We are confident that we could create a win-win market with our customers by hand in hand.

If you are in the field of cooler business, if you want to have your great ideas a reality, or if you want to have your own personalized cooler box, please reach me with below contact, we will offer you our professional technical support and help you stand out from your competitors. Come on, let’s rock. I will be right here waiting for you.


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