Do you know the rotomolding industry?
Time: 2018-07-05

When I joined in AHIC in 2014,I just knowed that we are in rotomolding industry,at that time,we only manufactured the lockers and tool boxes.So I just think that our rotomolding machines can only do such products.

In 2016,a customer from USA visited our factory,and he showed us a box sample,named”Coolers”.It’s the first time for me to know about coolers.And I found it’s so easy for us to manufacture it, because our machines are advanced.What’s more,we have 5 technical staffs,who has more than 10 years experience in rotomolding industry.That’s why I said it’s so easy for us.

After we made a sample for the American customer,he was very satisfied and placed a huge order to us.(It was our first order for coolers)
Two years past, I learned so much in AHIC,I knowed that not only the rotomolding machines can make lockers and tool boxes,but also many many other plastic products,such as coolers, pallet, food container, scrubber....We can do many different products.

The rotomolding products are durable and environmental. I am sure that it will be more and more popular in the market all over the world.

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