How to make our AHIC roto-molded ice box to achieve the best cooler performance
Time: 2018-06-23

Last week, we talk about how to choose your own rotomolded cooler box, and we advise from the size and application.

This week, let’s discuss the best ways to achieve the best cooler performance of our AHIC roto-molded ice box.

1. Prepare your icebox and cool your food and drinks first
Spread a layer of crushed ice around your icebox and making sure that food and drinks are cold the day or night before you use it. By cooling down your icebox and the air inside, in advance, you’re doing half the job of the ice you’ll put in later. 
2. Use block ice, such as ice packs
Block ice is a solid mass of ice. It will keep your icebox as cold as crushed ice but won’t melt as quickly. You can buy block ice in soft and hard packs that make handling and packing easy,
3.Keep it out of the sun
The sun is your worst enemy in preserving your ice. Keep your icebox in the shade as much as possible and ensure there is good airflow around the box. You could even cover your ice cooler box with a blanket or towel to shade it from the sun if you’re at the beach, a wet towel will work even better.
4.Avoid opening your icebox too much
 Every time you open your icebox not only do you let the heat in but you let the cold out. Avoid opening your icebox too much, and do so gently as well.
5.Fill your icebox as much as you can
An icebox packed to the brim will preserve its ice longer than a part-filled icebox of air. The more food or drinks you have in your icebox, there is less air which needs to be cooled down and kept cold.


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