How to choose your own rotomolded cooler box
Time: 2018-06-12

Cooler box, a well known popular model that makes your hot summer cool and comfortable.
Therefore, there are various of cooler boxes in the market, such as powered cooler box, injection cooler box and rotomolded cooler box etc, do you know how to work out what actually need?

Today, we will take rotomolded cooler as a sample, give some suggestions,

Let’s begin from the models of AHIC coolers.

1.How much space do you need inside?
1).AHIC 15 AHIC 25,the capacity is 15L/25L,with handles, it’s easy carrying, suitable for couple of two, go for a picnic, go camping ,perfect!

2).AHIC 35/AHIC 45,the capacity is 35L/45L,the best choice for a family of four, no matter for picnic or outdoor sport. The divider separate the drinks and food, make things in order.

3).The large capacity models, such as 65L/85L,it’s good for the group activities, like BBQ, fishing, camping etc. It can keep the food fresh, keep the drinks cold.

2.How cool would you like to be?
The thickness of insulation wall effect the ice retention time of the coolers.If you go out for only one or two days, just take the lighter model, like our AHIC series, it can keep cold for 2-3 days. If you go out for more than 3 days, you should take the heavier one, our RH series, ice retention last up to 5 days or more.

3.What colors do you want?
There are various of colors, solid color, camo, multi colors, just take the one you like.

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