2018 Fashion roto coolers-AHIC coolers
Time: 2018-06-02

Summer is coming, what activities u gona to? Fishing? Camping? Hunting?
The weather is too hot, there is one thing is necessary, that is wine coolers. Look around your home, u will find at least one, there are different sizes, different shapes, different colors.
Such as YETI coolers, Igloo coolers, Pelican cooles,K2 coolers, Coleman coolers and so on.
Maybe u donot know how to pick one, now let me help u find the best roto coolers that give u a cool summer.

Firstly, you will ask what is rotomolded molding?

Rotomolded molding is rotational molding or rotocast
Manufacturing a rotational molded part 4 steps,
1. Fill polymer material to the molding.
2. Heat tool in oven to melt material.
3. Solidify the molding.
4. Remove the box from the molding.

Advantages of Roto mold
1. Strength,
2.Corrosion resistance
3. Durability.
4. Consistent thickness.

Now let me introduce our company’s 2018 fashion AHIC design coolers
Aohong Industry Co., Ltd. situated in Heshan, Jiangmen City of Guangdong Province, was founded in 2010.
The main markets are Australia, New Zealand, USA, Brazil, Chile, Papua New Guinea, and South Africa. Website: www.ahiccooler.com
For size, we have 12L,15L,25L,35L,45L,65L,85L.

Ahic Coolers Advantages
1,keep ice 3-5 days.
2, Wall thickness 3.5mm.
3,Low price with high quality.
4,Do OEM & ODM.
5,8 Years experience,factory.
What size cooler do you need?
Cosidering how many days you will pack it for?
How much food and drinks u will take?
Once u know what you are needs and u will know what size is suitable for u.
Come on, Give your summer a cool holiday.

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