More outdoor activities can keep you relaxed and active.
Time: 2020-06-01

       The summer vacation is about to begin, and children who are usually busy with their studies are about to release themselves; In this hot summer, why don't parents organize an outdoor camping activity with their children? It can not only refresh yourself and get close to nature, but also enhance the feelings between family members, so that the whole family can have a happy memory.


       Outdoor activities can include mountain climbing, rafting, fishing, picnicking, camping, etc., which requires a lot of appliances. Because there is no electricity in the field, it means that many foods cannot be carried; But our good helper in outdoor activities can solve these problems. AHIC Series Portable incubators and storage boxes allow you to carry a large number of materials; There is no need to worry about ice drinks that can be drunk even in the wild and the preservation of food.AHIC incubator is formed in one time by rotational molding process. Food grade materials, refrigerator grade sealing rings and boxes of various specifications can meet most of your needs. After putting in the ice, lock the box tightly to keep it fresh. The ice won't melt in three to five days, so you can drink cool drinks when camping. The box is heavy and wear-resistant. You can even use it as a chair and ladder, and rough movements will not cause damage; AHIC incubator is equipped with a ruler and a bottle opener. It is extremely firm and fearless. It can be described as a multi-purpose box.

    Portable incubators have AH\BH\EH\RH series, and each style has a hit specification from 15L to 85L; The effect of cold and heat preservation is excellent. For outdoor activities, eh incubator is more recommended. It also carries a Bluetooth speaker to enjoy delicious food while enjoying beautiful scenery in the wild. Combined with music, it's so comfortable.


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