It's really good weather for fishing in autumn.
Time: 2019-09-25

    It's sunny in autumn, which is officially the most suitable time of the year for fishing. As the saying goes, if you want to do good work, you must sharpen your tools first; Every person who often fishes must have a variety of equipment, which can be roughly divided into three categories: direct appliances, auxiliary appliances and living appliances. Lin Lin has a total of ten kinds, plus dozens of kilograms of fish when he returns triumphantly. You need two or three boxes to pack them all.


     AHIC incubator has portable toolbox, storage box, incubator, etc., various models: Ah, BH, EH, RH can be large or small, to meet most of your personal needs. And the insulation performance of the incubator is very superior. Before going out, put enough ice cubes in the box and bring your favorite juice beer. After 3-5 days, the ice cubes have not melted, and you can still drink cold and refreshing drinks; Think about how enviable it is that in hot weather, when others drink warm mineral water, you can drink cold beer!



    AHIC series incubators, tool boxes and storage boxes are all rolled plastic products, which are formed at one time, of good quality and absolutely damage resistant; There is no fear of any bumps in the field. You can use it as a chair and step on a ladder. Just a toolbox, an incubator and a storage box can support your outdoor activities for three or four days; If you like listening to music, don't miss this RH incubator with Bluetooth speaker. It should be noted that in mid autumn, when the physical strength and weight of fish are at the peak of the year, you need a larger box to load your booty.


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