What would you like to do in Summer?
Time: 2018-05-27
The summer is coming,what I am eager to do is swimming in the sea,and walking in the soft beach.We can spend a weekend there,together with our family or some of our friends.

What should we prepare before we start off?Of course,food and drinks are necessary!But we dont have electric at the beach,we can not bring the refrigerator to keep our food and drink fresh.What should we do?
Dont worry,we have a very good product for you--AHIC Cooler box.

AHIC cooler box,no need electric,just put the food and drinks in the box,and then put some ice in,it can keep the ice up to 7days!It’s enough time to keep your foods fresh during weekend.You dont need to worry about your food and drinks goes bad.If you like,you can prepare some beers in the box,It’s really a wonderful thing that drinking iced beer at the beach together with friends.
Let’s make a plan for our summer holiday,put the AHIC coolers in your car,Wherever you go, there is fresh food.
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