Time: 2017-05-11

Ice boxes are highly portable and useful and can provide you the joy of having chilled drinks anytime and anywhere. These products can be easily carried in your car boot when you are travelling or when you plan to go fishing, camping or picnicking. It is one product that everyone must have in their homes, because when you are not travelling you can use it as an additional ice box in your kitchen to store food items that need refrigeration, especially when you are hosting parties or extended family get togethers. A good ice box will provide superior ice holding abilities and will ensure freshness and longevity of your produce. Therefore, when purchasing this product, it is very important that you invest in a well known and trusted brand. They are made of high quality materials and are also very durable compared to other brands.

How to Select the Right Ice Box?

Ice boxes offer plenty of benefits if you only make sure to purchase them from a reliable online store. These products are available in different size capacities ranging from 30 litres to 800 litre capacity boxes, so how to understand which size would be suitable for your needs? Here are some tips to help you pick the right size ice cooler ice boxes. If you are frequent leisure traveller, then choose a size that will easily fit into your car boot. All products have double thickness lids which prevent the suns rays from penetrating the ice box. Such ice boxes ice coolers are perfect for outdoor activities. Buy a product with marine grade stainless steel latches, good quality bungs, side handles, hinges and accessories. You should also consider buying a product that is easy to clean especially if there is a food grade inner liner.

What Are The Factors That Govern Ice Box Prices?

The three main factors that affect the cost of ice boxes are; size, colour and features. Renowned brands will be slightly dearer compared to lesser known brands, but you can be completely assured about the quality of the materials used and the efficiency of the product when buying a branded product. As there are so many different sized products with various features designed for commercial and domestic purposes, the price will vary slightly. However, if you choose to buy ice box from authorised online stores, then you will be able to get them at lower prices than the larger chain stores. You would also be buying them from an expert in the field of only dealing in iceboxes. Large chain stores tend to try and be experts in every product that they sell but reality is that they are not.

Tips for Improving the Efficiency of Your Ice Box

There is no doubt that branded coolers for sale are the best performing products, but if you want the cooler to provide consistently efficient performance every time, then here are some tips you can use. A night before you want to use the product, layer the box with crushed ice to cool the air inside. Use salted block ice the next day to keep the ice from melting quickly. Cool all the drinks or food items before transferring them to the esky. Pack your ice box to the brim and fill all empty spaces with ice. Make sure to keep the ice box in a shady place away from direct sunlight or heat. Avoid opening the box too often as that lets all the cold air out.

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