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OEM / ODM Service
Published date: 2018/8/25 Hits: 8645

OEM/ODM orders are welcomed. We have great advantage in R&D, professional manufacturer of rotomolded LLDPE Plastic products, especially on ice Cooler box, tool box, locker, food container. With 8 yeas of experience in working with our customers from worldwide, we are viewed as a reliable strategic partner due to the level of experience and expertise offered in the development, design and commercial support of their products.
Production Capacity
We are the roto-molded manufacturer factory, in order to meet customerí»s required OEM production, We have three pieces of roto-molded machines and nine pieces of armbs, if have enough mould, our monthly output up to 20000pcs ice cooler box.

Quality Control
We have strict internal quality control process on incoming raw material inspection, on-production inspection and assembly inspection, pre-shipment inspection. This is to ensure our products can meet customerí»s required spec and your OEM products are more reliable in quality. Our factory passed ISO9001 and got BV report, we believe only with good quality then can win trust from our customers.

Here it is the pictures from one of our customerí»s OEM ice cooler box, He is very satisfied with our cooler box, especially for the silk print black logo.

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